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About us

Together, we define your goals and create a plan to achieve them with online development and marketing. 

Your Success is Our Success

We Are Guides To Success

We help guide you in an easy and fun process to define your goals, what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them.


With research and analyzation, we aim to understand what matters to you and your business. 

For us, we value organization and strong communication as our strong suits. 


Our mission is to bring you success. 

With careful analyzation, together we define what your mission is and make a road map plan for how to get the results you want to achieve.


With our experience and expertise, we use our vision to see and create a long term plan based on your goals and resources. 

Of course, a lot of analyzed statistics always helps a lot too!


Together we set your goals based on what results you want to achieve.

Businesses are always evolving and changing, and we will help you plan for that.


With 15+ experience in developing online programs and websites, we have a great understanding of the innovation that we can provide to your business. Unique innovation we can offer will help you automate your business and bring you more business as well.

Founder & Director of Increase Web Design

Meet Corey Benoit

Hey there, my name is Corey. I have a long lived passion for web design, graphic design and marketing since I started developing websites in 2005.

My first website was a non-profit community game started in 2005 was an online game playable in a web browser window, requiring no downloadable files. It was a virtual reality with avatars and clothing, furniture for building rooms, games, and more. It grew in 3 years to almost 1 million registered users and an average of 1,500 users online in real time. It had a staff team of 30 or so volunteers, a full automated economy based on supply and demand, an online radio, and a warm and welcoming community. 

From there 17 years ago, I decided to pursue my overall passion of web design, graphic design and marketing as a career. While working in the film industry along the way, I picked up professional working knowledge of videography and photography working directly along side big name actors like Johnny Depp, Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I worked directly with Director’s of Photography and had to understand the full scope of a shot, as I was in charge of bringing motion to any shot as needed with building and operating large telescoping camera cranes, building track for dollys, or shock absorbing rigs in order to get a smooth shot wherever you want.

I have done that as well as being a freelancer now for 17 years and after honing in on my marketing and branding skills, my previous clients review me as “Having a sixth sense for marketing”. This is thanks to countless books, courses, and hundreds of case studies I have conducted to achieve this sixth sense.

Latest Techniques

Being a web developer worth your own salt means that you constantly have to stay on top of the evolving technology of the internet. I do so every day to ensure that you get the latest and most optimized technology of today.

Innovative Technology

I am always researching and staying on top of what type of innovative technology there is available to us today. This enables me to plan and offer you features and abilities of your website that you and your customers will benefit from.

Certified Expertise

After being certified at B.C.I.T. for Technical Web Design, this taught me the full front and back end of building a website, the branding for it all and even marketing it all over social media. Since then in 2015, I have learned and experienced so much more to ensure that I am a professional you can trust.

More Than Web Design

Don’t run around to multiple agencies. We have it all covered.


Website Design


Branding & Graphic Design


Marketing, Analyzation, S.E.O.


Content Creation, Photography, Videography


Hosting & Management

Full Online Development Agency

Going to multiple agencies, getting their project managers all up to speed, and having them all collaborate together costs time… and time costs money.

We help you with all of these areas all in one place and explain to you why it’s important, and how they work together. We help explain this too you in non-technical terms too so that even a dinosaur who still wants to learn how to use Google can understand what we’re doing to help them.

With a strong deep rooted network of freelancers and developers, we create a team as needed for your project with experts in each of their field to get you the best results available.

We are a friendly guide that is happy to be a member of your team, and help you achieve your goals. Together, we will both find success!

Websites Designed To Get Results

Ready To Get Started?

Our websites are designed analytically according to your customer and company profiles.

We design them with maximizing your conversion rates in mind, with designs that relate well to your target audience and information architecture that is designed to convert those website visitors into customers.

Still Not Convinced?

Check Out Our Case Studies

Making a decision as big as your business online presence can be daunting and confusing. Please feel welcome to browse our other case studies of our previous client projects, or reach out and we will be happy to talk it out with you via phone or email.