Optimized Web Hosting For Speed & Website Maintenance

Website Hosting & Maintenance

We host and maintain your website and content so that it remains fast without any issues.

We Take Care Of It All For You

Optimized Hosting & Website Management Services

We host your website on our optimized servers and maintain your website with any technical updates that are needed.

Your online presence needs updates with content too! We handle that.

Managed Hosting

Every web site needs to be hosted on a server somewhere. We take care of that for you with keeping all the server software up to date along with new hardware for the servers with newer CPU processors, solid state drive storage, and appropriate RAM as needed for your solution. 

We manage all the back end hosting stuff like the database, the server engine and keep it all optimized with speed optimization features like blazing fast cache, optimized hosting environments, and more.

We take care of all of this, and manage it which gives you more time to focus on your business.


Wordpress Maintenance

In order for all the working parts of a website to keep working with the changing technology of the internet, we update your website’s integrated software as needed to keep up with the rest of the internet. 

After any software updates, we test the website for any issues before pushing it live and make back ups of the website before hand in case of any issues. This ensures that we don’t run into any issues along the way and trace all of our footsteps in case we run into an issue.

We also keep a close look on the security with a constantly updated Firewall to prevent security breaches.

Automated Back Ups

To increase the security of your website and ensure that no data is lost in the event of a server outage, we back up your website as needed based on a recommended interval for your website that is determined based on your solution’s needs.

Informational and static websites are backed up in intervals of one week and kept for 90 days. e-Commerce and other dynamic type websites are backed up daily, bi-daily or sometimes even hourly. 

We then send all the back ups to our secure Google Cloud storage servers, which are separate to where we host your website to increase the level of redundancy.



Content Management

Creating content for your website, social media and email marketing can be tiring and challenging to keep up with for a business owner.

We take care of all of this for you. In a month we post two times a week, weekly or monthly based on the customer’s desires.

The regular blog posts we write are optimized for their own Search Engine Optimization keywords, and having the regular content on your blog being posted helps the overall ranking on Google’s search results. They like seeing a website with constant updates.

As for social media, we manage your posting there too along with the creative graphics that might be needed.

Websites Designed To Get Results

Ready To Get Started?

Our websites are designed analytically according to your customer and company profiles.

We design them with maximizing your conversion rates in mind, with designs that relate well to your target audience and information architecture that is designed to convert those website visitors into customers.

Still Not Convinced?

Check Out Our Case Studies

Making a decision as big as your business online presence can be daunting and confusing. Please feel welcome to browse our other case studies of our previous client projects, or reach out and we will be happy to talk it out with you via phone or email.