Brand Design & Branded Material Design in Nanaimo, B.C.

We Design Brands That Bring Social Proof.

Your brand is what brings your target customer the social proof that they need on their bingo sheet for the ideal business providing the solution to their needs.

Our Brand Design Services

Research & Analyzation

With in depth research and analyzation, we compare your new or existing business with the rest of your competition whether it’s local or national.

With that information, we position your brand with the colors, look, feel, and design to give your customers the social proof that they want to confirm that you are the right business for their needs.

Branding For Startups

Starting a new business can be daunting, confusing, and overwhelming.

We help you along with that process, and not only are we your designer but we are your team mate.

We work together with you to build your brand while guiding you with our expertise and knowledge.


Brand Re-Invention

Sometimes your brand needs a new look, and that’s where we come in. 

We look at your current brand and strategically re-design it to position you well with a modern brand that will last and age well for years to come. 

Improve your impression on your customers with a newly designed brand!


Branding Material Design

Everything from your mail envelopes to your mugs, if it’s a material that’s used in the office space then we can design it according to your brand guidelines.

We also design company vehicles with your branded design as well as T-Shirts and other clothing as needed.

Then you take your design to the supplier and get them made

Websites Designed To Get Results

Ready To Get Started?

Our websites are designed analytically according to your customer and company profiles.

We design them with maximizing your conversion rates in mind, with designs that relate well to your target audience and information architecture that is designed to convert those website visitors into customers.

Still Not Convinced?

Check Out Our Case Studies

Making a decision as big as your business online presence can be daunting and confusing. Please feel welcome to browse our other case studies of our previous client projects, or reach out and we will be happy to talk it out with you via phone or email.