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We at Increase Web Design built this website for a local Nanaimo, B.C. landscaping company. We also designed their brand and business cards and helped guide them on their path to marketing and using their website as a tool for customer conversions.

A New Landscaping Business in Nanaimo, B.C. of Canada

Botanically Correct

A local Nanaimo based landscaping company came to us for their new beginning as a newly started business.

They needed a brand new look and a website design that looked great while making it easy for new website visitors to reach out and contact them for a quote and landscaping services.

Being a new business, we kept the website fairly simple and clean while being easy and fast to use.

We kept the target customer in mind, and when a customer is looking for a landscaping service they usually just want to confirm the services they do and reach out for a quote. We kept that process simple and easy to access for the customers while adding some modern styles and touches.

Project Facts


Landscaping Service Based Websites


Landscaping Construction and Maintenance


  • Brand Design: Logo Design & Business Card Design
  • Website Design
  • S.E.O. Structure Installation
  • Online Presence Management
  • Hosting & Maintenance

Launch Date

February 2023

The Challenge

Botanically Correct was a brand new landscaping business coming to us for their first beginning in their path to becoming a successful landscaping company in Nanaimo B.C. – They weren’t sure on where to begin, and we helped guide them to build a project plan that aligned well with their needs and budget.

  • A brand design needed to be developed from scratch
  • Their website needed to be built for social proof and easy contact for their customers
  • Some assistance with aspects of their online presence was needed

The Solution

Together with the new business owner, we designed a brand that aligned with their interests and overall industry style. We applied that brand with some relevant colour palettes with an easy to use website that made it easy for customers to find information they wanted, and how to contact them to get started with their services.

  • With multiple designs presented, we settled on one that they loved.
  • For their print deliverables, we kept it simple for the new business owner and just recommended a business card with possibly a brochure design later on.
  • The website was designed with big font that’s easy to read with clear information about their services.
  • Multiple methods for the client to contact them for a quote were added, for easy contact methods to keep conversion rates higher.

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